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Conversations About Your Life & Your Mind…

We can Imagine our world into reality and we can use words to express a version, imperfect or perfect into existence.

*This is art: The transference of one subjective experience to another, but more than that, art re-creates the environment back at us by way of the experience of it.

That’s the wicked twist and turn, the weird beautiful tertiary effect that lives amongst the unknown.*


We can’t know how we’ll be affected.

We can believe we will, but…

This is what we are doing, imagining and engineering an experience of the world in infinite ways, perhaps toward a particular end, perhaps as a total mystery.


Designing the world while simultaneously being designed…

Emeric Thorpe


Personal notes on outcomes and tautology, I am closely and nearly perfectly in love with the mess of life, and believe it will always be a mess, as it has always been a mess, beautiful in its way, the grace and wonder of confusion.

A Note on Simplicity:

You will have your mind distracted.

You will be taken away by things, people, ideas and the chaos of your days.

It happens to everyone and it is going to continue to happen.

But here, I literally have to continue to choose over and over to stay simple and free of the things that will slow me down.

Mental friction, physical friction, the mess…

They happen.

You and I, while here we continue to shed it all away as we go.

That is why I will keep this site overtly simple.

Even though the ideas are not necessarily so.

Your work here is to create your life as you wish and that is what we are doing.

I discuss this with greater detail in other places as well.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” Leonardo da Vinci

What a strong idea to contemplate, to take into your mind and apply in your world.

Emeric Damian

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Part I: In Theory Coaches Are Helpful…

The Satsang of Discontent and Diaphanous Delusions, a lecture on dis-identity...

The Satsang of Discontent and Diaphanous Delusions, a lecture on dis-identity…


The stranglehold of the status quo lingers over all.

It never worked for me. It still doesn’t. I mean look at this discontented photo a friend took of me.

In my world I kind of don’t give a damn about 90% of what most people fill their lives with. The television shows, the toxic foods, the toxic talk from gossip to crushing self-doubt.

And I thought I might have found a world where things were a bit different.

I thought I might have found a tribe that embraced a different state of being.

But then I realized the same fear and the same desire to belong runs strong through the coaching community as well.

Wherever there are humans there’s the fear, the fear of not fitting in, the fear of not belonging and ultimately the fear of failing in front of others.

And how beautiful it is…

The contradiction…

Where in this is the ultimate middle finger?

Coaches recognize the above and they rail against it even if they don’t realize it, but most see it.

It’s not easy, but they don’t give up.

They keep pushing through, building out whatever it is they must, their practice, their skills, their connection with others.

They are always investing in themselves even when it appears crazy, even when things aren’t going as they wish, even when things are moving magnificently wonderful, they continue to explore.

So yes, they’re a bit crazy, some more than most.

Because deep within they know [show_to accesslevel=”XX”]they are the creators of their reality, and while the world around them pays lip service to the idea, they more than most live from that place as best they can.

That is an exciting way to live life.

It’s not for everyone. It’s not for most.

But it’s amazing what beauty comes from living in the mystery.

And it’s even more wonderful to be surrounded by others who will go on the journey with you.

Part II: Breaking Free Of Constraints

There is a status quo within the coaching world as well.

People conform, people grasp for certainty, people want to be told what to do.

They’ve been trained to live this way from the beginning of time, from schooling to employment, from overt social norms to accepted social niceties.

It’s built into our culture and our society. And there may be a healthy play for it.

It’s beneficial until it isn’t.

Is it serving you or holding you back?

And for some it works but when it doesn’t, when that voice within you is screaming for change, then you must do whatever it takes to break free from the shackles of the status quo.

Part III: Taking Your Place as The Co-Creator of Reality

Leaving the status quo behind and accepting yourself as the one who knows best for you is the ultimate challenge of life.

Being a voice unto yourself and then living from that place is the ultimate middle finger to the status quo.

So how do you do that?

How do you listen to yourself and live from a place with such courage and enthusiasm that your life shocks others with envy?

You turn yourself on to your desires and you own that until you turn on others when you tell them what it is you’re up to in life.

You go for it and do it anyways. Hopefully with as much compassion and wisdom as possible, but you go for it, even if it’s being in action in stillness.

Here’s a flirt for you: Bring people into your life that live with the zeal you desire. At a minimum find those that will support you to the tilt.

That’s what the best coaches in the world do.

Epilogue: The Middle Finger…

Designing your life as you desire, is an act of rebellion, a cause for a revolution within, and an invitation from yourself to yourself, to live as you wish to be.

Even if that’s living amongst the status quo.


Why Coaching?


Dear New Coach,

This works!

If you follow this program: The 7 Steps to Guarantee You Won’t Make any Money Coaching

You will succeed.

There’s a 100% guarantee that it will work for you.

So here it is:

The Ultimate Checklist To Guarantee You Struggle as A Coach:

  1. Don’t let anyone know what you do.
  2. Whatever you do, do not invite people to have conversations with you.
  3. Spend your time fantasizing about what an amazing coaching practice you could have.
  4. Spend your life working on your website and social media.
  5. Believe that you can not do this. This is very important.
  6. Expect to have success within your first week.
  7. The big one, take yourself too seriously.

If you follow this program, The 7 Steps to Guarantee You Won’t Make any Money Coaching you will succeed.

You have to trust me on this one, I know it works.

Why is this system so effective?

It includes endless possibilities to procrastinate on the actions that will actually build your business.

Take the website for example, yes you can make it work, people do, but you won’t.

And imagine right at your fingertips an infinite scroll of nothingness!

It’s quite brilliant.

But even better it gives you the sensation that you are actually learning, actually getting work done.

Ingenious isn’t it!

With all that needs to be done on your website, who has time to have conversations with people that might actually want to give you money.

Speaking of people, they’re terrifying.

The best way to avoid them is by not speaking to them. It’s not the best way, but it does work.

I found that if I go silent or fumble around with my words it makes everything awkward enough that they’ll leave me alone.

This is coaching 101 do not let anyone know what you do for work!

For the most part this takes care of inviting people to have a conversation.


Some people are persistent and they will continue to ask you what it is you do and if you’re not careful you may tell them you’re a coach. In this case backtrack as fast as possible, telling them you are becoming a coach, or something like this.

Now, just in case you find yourself scheduling a conversation, you can cancel at the last minute.

It’s a great way to make sure they won’t call you back, not always, but it works often enough.

If after doing all of the above you still believe you can make coaching work for you then, perhaps, this last line of reasoning will shift your mindset.

You can and you will!

To boldness and artistry

p.s. Here’s to not taking ourselves too seriously, but seriously enough to enjoy our lives.

p.p.s. If you ever find yourself trying to master the above 7 steps, then you need help. But then again, we all do.

p.p.s. Take This Course on Being an Incredible Human Coach With Super Listening Powers: you can have it at the presale price immediately for a 75% discount.  It’s my gift to you: click here!

p.p.p.s. People pay you to be you and you can find out more by following this get it now.

Do this first before you do anything else.

Dear Coach,

Why the serious face Emeric?

Why the serious face Emeric?

There’s a lot of bad coaching.

That’s just how it is.

As with anything and everything there is a spectrum of people doing what they do and few will take the time to become better at their craft.

In fact, even coaches who are coaching well, still aren’t that great. 

Some are great at inviting people to the conversation, some are great at selling the experience.

But how masterful are they at actually coaching?

Some are, some aren’t, as with all things.

That may be a massive frustration for you, spending a lot of money on coaches that really want to be great but aren’t quite there.

This site is specifically to counter that, to give you the best chance to become the best coach you can become as you walk your path.

It’s really as simple as this.

You will learn what you need to learn to take your coaching toward mastery, which is why I created these programs.

I’m not going to make you any promises beyond that, at least not here on this site alone, but I can tell you what you will gain from working these programs will transform your life.

They will help you see clearly and know what you want.

Here’s to not wasting peoples money, including your own,

p.s. It very well could be that I suffer a subtle streak of perfectionism. Perhaps it’s so, perhaps it is so… I hope so.

p.p.s. Thank you for being you!


As a coach building a business, I’m going to ask you to give your one number, your one goal to focus on.

Everything else goes bye bye for 30 days if it’s not taking you toward your One Number/Goal-Vision…

With love,


The art of coaching in some ways is simple.

You serve the person before you with everything you have, with your full attention, and with amazing questions.

The simplicity of it can be deceivingly dangerous.

The moment comes when the coach forgets they’re serving the person before them, and suddenly you begin to wonder who the coach in the conversation is.

If you have ever had a conversation with someone who can’t seem to stop [click to continue…]


The TurnOn: Work As A Path of Joy

Let’s play with an idea and for those who are like me and those who are not, we are going to take work to another land, into the clouds for a moment to see it for what it can actually be.

Work is the requirement.

For some it feels heavy, for others it means stress, for some struggle, but what if it really means freedom?

What if work becomes your favorite way in life.

Work as the process of creating what you wish to create…

Work as a way to have more fun and joy…

Let’s play with what will be mind blowing for you and how can we take work into that realm.

What if work is about ease and joy and play?

Can this be as simple as reframing an attitude around it?

We’re exploring this together.